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Monday, March 31, 2008


Living in a hose full of boys.... you don't know what it is like until .. you live in a house full of boys!. I remember my days as a little girl playing for hours in my bedroom with my dolls or playing in the living room that I'm all grown up.. therefore, I sat properly on the couch with my legs crossed and my best manners at display with a cup of juice on my hand pretending it was hot tea. That was playing! Or traveling around the world, with my sister, with all we could carry on our backs pretending we had no mother or father and had to survive in a life of poverty!.

Here at my house, I hear roaring all day long.... since they were able to speak!, I hear the noise of "gun powder" coming from their little mouths pretending they are at war, I have not seen all the Star Wars movies, and yet I know who "Kid Fisto" is. Stories of princesses are almost unknown in my house, but stories of Knights and castles are welcomed. They wished they were Saber Tooth tigers instead of humans, they wish their pet could be a grey wolf, instead of a Gecko, and live in the Middle Ages, where they could eat their food with their hands and throw the bones on the ground.

I love having my boys!!, they fill my house with excitement and make it almost impossible to focus on the difficult parts of the grownup life, they make my house, a castle and I get to play Princess!. They fight great dragons and armies of "bad guys" to come to my rescue. They turn the basement into a fort, the couch into a spaceship and my face to shine every time I see them.

Having two boys, is something I never thought could be so much fun...... but maybe it is because they are my boys!

why homeschool?

Why home school? Why go through the troubles of it? This is my answer.

I home school, not because it is a great fun, because of the projects that we do, because I enjoy being with my kids or anything like that.. although they are true of homeschooling. I home school because I love the Lord, and He gave my husband and I this kids, because He entrusted them to our care, not the system's care. He gave them to us, and if He gave them to us, and we live in a free country where by His grace has made available for us to teach them at home, then I would be stealing blessings from them if I didn't. This is the only way I can really teach them to love Him and obey Him who created them. Now, I know I cannot possibly make them love the Lord since this is a gift from God, but I can and should do my work in teaching them His way.

Homeschooling is not a ride in the park. It involves sacrifice and commitment, it involves, going to the Lord every day for His help. It is an overwhelming task at times, but it is faith that keeps me going... that faith that reminds me every day that your work in not in vain, but for Him and by Him. And with this, home schooling is also is full of rewards and joys.

It is an everyday work.... working in their character and mine, working in their relationship as siblings and ours, working in their testimony and my testimony. it is the teaching them above all to be godly men. That in whatever God has for them, that they will be God fearing, leaders of their homes and hard working men.

Why do I home school?... because I fear God more than men.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Words from a mom

Being a mom has taught me a great deal. It challenges every area of my life every day with no break.. from my time alone with God to submission to my husband. Here is where the fruits of the Spirit are evident or not, where my testimony shows to be real or just a show. It is here, where all my doctrine and believes becomes more that words. This is the place, where will reflect whether what I have, is just religion or true holiness.

But God in his sovereign wisdom, gave me these kids and my prayer is that He will give us the wisdom and the grace to teach us the things that we need to know, to train up this children in the way they should go. It is as a mom that I have understood the need to pray: "increase my faith".

So as a mom, I pray for them, and I will write some things for them that I have learnred and I hope they will never forget , but that their lives will be guided by them:

- Create the good habit of private prayer. Being in the presence of the Lord alone, watching jealously over your faith, it is here where growth takes place and on your knees are where battles are won.

- We are very close to the end. A few more winters, a few more summers, a few more fights to fight and it will be all over, we will have to fight no more. So be brave, we are not far from home! and the price awaiting those who persevere... is worth the wait.

- Holiness is the habit of being of one mind with God , it is the habit of agreeing in God's judgement, hating what God hates, loving what he loves, and measuring everything in this world by the standard of His word. Work at it and may this be your standard of living.... less than this, you are cheating yourselves.

- We all will be accountable to Him one day, don't waste your life in the vanities of this world, don't get into bad habits that will separate you from Him... but prepare your souls to kneel one day before your God and hear the most beautiful words you will ever hear: "my good and faithful servant". Let that be your goal and finish the race as a soldier of the King.

And this , and many other lessons that we teach at home, I had to write something to this future men of God to encourage them in this race where they are not alone, but not many will finish. May God give them the grace to persevere until the end. And give me as a mom, the wisdom and the godly character where my testimony will speak greater than my words.

The fight

I am reading a book on Holiness and it has challenged me in a great way and writing it down helps me remember. He is working in me and I'm not close to speak with such wisdom as others, but I pray this notes, will be a blessing and reminder to search our hearts for the profit of our souls.

We need to ask for grace to cut off the right hand or pluck out the right eye, but never, never be content if our soul does not grow. We can never have too much humility, too much faith in Christ, too much holiness, too much spirituality of mind too much charity, too much zeal in doing good to others. We need to look for these things and work at them. (J.C.Ryle)

I see many sins in me, I see how my heart is like paper close to the fire, it will catch on fire quickly if I get too close. The more I know my Saviour, the more I see the sin in me, and the more grateful I am for His pardon, more and more I understand His sacrifice because I see how impossible is to live without sin. His sacrifice means more to me every day.... when I wake up and I have to face my sins and mortify my flesh and desires, which seems at times, like an ever ending task, because as I feel that a battle was won, I realize 100 more are awaiting to be fought.

But as I fight this good fight I know in whom I have trusted... I trusted the Saviour of my soul, and his ways are perfect, and with every battle that is won, He shows me His mercy towards me because I can see the depth from where He rescued me.

So fighting this battle gives me a much grater understanding of what the word forgiven means.... and I have not seen yet all that I have being forgiven for!. All I know, and keeps me going, is that He forgave me ALL!... I'm just finding out how much is "all".

May God be with me in this battle where as Ryle said, there is no time to rest or slumber our way to heaven, but in fighting, since Christianity is a fight, and that is true Christianity, the one which produces holiness. So lets be holy just as He is holy.

As I get older

Whatever happened with the example of older woman to younger woman?.. it seems that it has gone the other way around! .Older ladies, want to be young again, talk, dress and look younger at any cost, and they are going through drastic measures, like plastic surgery.

Whatever happened with the idea of getting old and teach younger woman to grow up not in external beauty but in wisdom. We, woman in general are attacked from every direction every day, trying to sell us the idea that getting old is not good, pretty, attractive and that it is actually a bad thing. There is a pressure on the idea of getting older looking beautiful.

As I'm getting older (and I'm just 34), I see a need for the generations behind us to see good examples of godly women who are more concerned for the state of their soul than the wrinkles under their eyes or the state of their breasts!. I need to have role models to follow, where I can see how to grow old with true joy.

I'm not condemning the hair dyes or anti aging creams... I just hope, that when the time comes for me to have gray hair and wrinkles under my eyes, that they will not be the thing that keeps my mind occupied, but that I can see them as God given reminders when I look in the mirror, that generations come behind me, where they will need a role model to follow just as I look at God fearing women now, with gray hair and wrinkles under their eyes, teaching us by example that as they quit the world, they can leave a godly testimony behind them.

And I hope and pray that I will live these years and the years to come in a way that younger girls can look up and have break from the pressure of looking young, and look forward to the age, where they get to be the older ladies, with gray crowning hair, wrinkles under their eyes and God fearing beauty.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Great first memories

Our first winter in Canada, was the "Ice Storm". And now, our first winter in a different Province, welcomed us again with an unusual weather... snow up to the sky!. We are thankful for it, it just makes the difficult decisions and hard good byes a little easier, with excitement and gratitude to have this fun memories as part of our journey. And now, I pray that He will use us and work in us as He pleases and for as long as He wants..... Even if our next change involves hail!