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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being double minded....

   Some professing Christians, as I have noticed lately, have two standards of living, thinking, the opinions they have, their desires, ... They have a double life without noticing it.

   I want to think it is not on purpose, but is that sense of godliness that is not promoted within many churches today. So when speaking of Bible issues, they have little knowledge of Scripture, but they would agree with most doctrines. But when they are living their every day lives, then they agree with other point of views with out  giving it a second thought  whether it is something that goes according to the doctrines of the Bible or not. They can have an independent - personal opinion outside the Bible.

   For example, on issues of "accept yourself as you are" they take it and agree on it... with out knowing or really understanding that the Lord does not want you to "accept yourself", but to come to the realization that you need a Saviour!. That nothing in you is worth accepting unless He changes you completely!.
Like these, there are many issues that some Christians will have a double opinion, a double standard and a double life.

   I wanted to write this post, as a warning to me first ...and  to you if you want to hear it... to search our hearts.. to see if there is double mindedness in us.

   This double mindedness, has a great hold on many professing Christians today, deceiving them. Making them comfortable in their Christianity and never challenged in their faith. These are often miracle searchers, prophesy hungry people... and/passive Christians that are willing to part with many "opinions" as long as is not too offensive to the church... without realizing that their double mind is more dangerous to the church, than the one loud man attacking directly Christianity.

Oh! Christians of today!... for how long will God be patient with us! When will He say: Enough! Are you not afraid? Have you not heard? Have you learn nothing from the stories written in the Bible for OUR learning? Because your life is easy now, you find you have peace... but, should you not be growing in holiness every day? And yes! It does matter which movies you watch, which music you listen, which words you write on your FB page, which links you press "like", which words come out of your mouth, which opinions you have, which desires you struggle with, which clothes you pick to wear and why you wear them, it does matter what you do with your free time, it does matter whether you pray and study your Bible every day or not... IT DOES MATTER!

It is a matter of eternity!. It is a matter of holiness, it is a matter of either believing in God or not. ALL our opinions, on any given subject, should be based on the Bible...  and the Bible ALONE!