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Saturday, March 19, 2011

We ARE slaves.

Thank God for my husband. He is quiet and not very expressive, but when he has something to say, it shows me how wise he is.

Yesterday, I was having a "complaining time" about things that were all vane. And then, he started reminding me of all the ways the Lord has blessed us. He mentioned thing by thing. He mentioned things that are very important and even trivial things.. and yet, God has been very faithful. I had to stop talking and listened. My eyes were teary and my shame exposed. I had been complaining, and yet my husband's eyes are fixed on the Lord and what He wants for us.

He explained to me, something that kept me thinking, something that I took to my bed and this morning, the first thought that came to my mind was: God, help me!

I want to share it, because it helped me and maybe it will help you... what he explained, was that at one point, when translating the Bible, the words used for slave, was changed to servant? So when we hear that we are servants of the Lord, really means slaves.

Back then, the word slaves had a clear meaning, everyone knew what the privileges and rights of a slave were... None!, The slave, had no will of his own, just obey his master. So if the master moved houses, the slave followed. If the master wanted him to do something he would do it, no complaining or no decision to be made.  The same way, God is with us. We are not just His servants, we are His slaves! It is a harder word to swallow, but that is God`s Holy Word.

We are His slaves. We do our Master`s will. We have no rights of our own but the ones He gives us. We obey, and He commands. Whatever He decides, happens, without our council or our permission. If He gives us, is grace, if He takes away, it is also His will. If He moves our home town, we follow; if He decides we stay. He decides.

What a change of view that is!. Complaining should be out of our lives... Who are we to complain against our Master? Who are we to say: I don`t like this or that! Why are you doing this? Is He not the owner of our lives? Does He not have the right to do whatever He wants with what is His? (Rom.9)

We are the blessed ones by having Him as our master! That should be enough!. He owns us! He bought us! He loves us! We could be servants of Satan.. How many are there that without knowing, have a master that wants to destroy them and drag them into hell with him!. But us? God bought us!  What else do I want or need?

Oh blessed Jesus! How much I love being your slave! Do with me as You please.