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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blessings... unknown

As days pass, and His grace proves to be sufficient, not because I am better but because He makes His grace to be sufficient in me; He opens my eyes to see His precious providence in a different light. When God says that we should not covet what unbelievers have or covet when it goes well for them yet we, His people, are having trials and difficulties, we still, should not to covet them... and say: why does it goes well for them and not for us!, why would you allow us to suffer? your people that love You and that You love?!.

Why? Because we need to realize that our sufferings bring perseverance and holiness, so that we may be perfect one day, fit for heaven and to understand that the blessings God gives to the ungodly brings them condemnation... just imagine! The ungodly, receive freely from God, mercies, and children, and health, and wealth... and yet, will face Him and give account. Imagine the day they will face God and hear: I gave you blessings, I provided for you, and still you hated Me!

 But us, His people, will know, that it is He who gives and He who takes away.. that it is because of Him that we have all things, and that even in distress, we know Him! We know salvation from our sins. We will stand before Him covered with the blood of Christ. Justified by faith alone that once was given to us.  Washed from all our iniquities, and be called His loved ones. And hear the words: My good and faithful servant, come into your rest!

Why do we covet them? why do we covet their blessings that will act as judgement one day? why do we not pity them and cry to God for their salvation even harder? it should hurt us instead of bring envy or self pity. It should make us cry on our knees pleading to God for their eyes to be opened. We should fear for them the judgement day.

Oh! that we may truly understand God's providence and thank Him for His good and His hard gifts to us... because one day, we are promised rest from all these! It would be better for them to receive nothing from the Lord than to have an abundant life here on earth and have their heaven now... it would be better to have suffering today and rest tomorrow; sorrows today and everlasting joy tomorrow; being close to the cross in the necessity than far from the cross living merry all day.

Sisters, may we treasure the cross, may we set your eyes on Christ. Be close to His feet, kissing His wounds and hoping not in vane but with assurance of that day that will come.. when our eyes will be open completely, and we will see!

Let us dwell in His Word, let us dwell in the knowledge and understanding, that the Lord bless us according to His good purpose. And He will finish  the work He started. We are undone. We need Him. We need His precious providence and learn to hurt for the lost.