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Friday, May 11, 2012


My baby girl has gone to be with this precious Lord 10 months ago. What a beautiful life she had. A life with no knowledge of sin and corruption! If you ever question why this happened to us. Please read and and I pray you will understand.

God made this world prefect, it was sinless. It was beautiful and no sadness  was ever there. Yet man, rebelled against God and sin entered this world. Sadness, death, corruption, lies, vanity, greed ... man wanted to have their own choices apart from God. Man died that day. His desires were not for God, but for himself, shame covered them, man knew evil, and death entered the world. What a sad day that was. Yet, God in His mercy, because He is a merciful God, had compassion on men and love them so much that offered a way of salvation. He did not have to do that. Men deserved the full wrath of God for rejecting all that was good and perfect and disobeying the one command God gave them.

God cursed the ground, and labor and pain was going to follow the rest of his days. And promised a Savior who was going to come and save His people from their sins and conquer death and give eternal life. And while this Savior came, He chose people for himself to show us who God was and explain us through history who this Savior was going to be. So he saved His people out of the slavery of Egypt, to show us how Jesus was going to save His people from the slavery of sin. He had a mediator between God and man. Someone who would plead their case before God. To show us how Jesus would be our mediator between God and man.. to plead for us.  They had to sacrifice a perfect lamb before the Lord for the forgiveness of sins and place the hands of the person over the lamb to pass the sins of the person unto the lamb, then, the lamb had to die. Because without blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. They had to do this to realize the ugliness of sin, how sad it was, and what terrible consequences it brings. God gave them 10 commandments  for them to know what sin was. To know that even stumbling in one of those points, was enough to have to sacrifice a lamb. They had to followed them perfectly.  Well, as you can imagine, it was, and is impossible for any man to follow the 10 commandments perfectly. But that was God's plan. This way, they realized that for men it was impossible, but not for God. Only God can save us. But how? Well, Jesus came "The Lamb of God". He fulfilled, all the requirements of the law perfectly. Not one of the commandments He broke. He lived a sinless life and as a young man, perfect and holy, fully human, and yet fully God, died on the cross. His blood was shed for the forgiveness of sins. With His blood, he bought us back so that we can have access to the Father. On the third day, He was raised from the dead conquering death as promised from the beginning. And now, Jesus is sited at the right hand of God, praying for us. Pleading our case before the Father.

He purchased people for himself. Those who were not His people He called His people. Those who were unbelievers, He gave saving faith. And His Holy Spirit, comes, and give us life so that we might believe in Him. So I say to you, repent of your sins, look upon that cross and pray that the Lord may grant you repentance unto life.

So why my baby died? Because we live in a broken world. Sinful and cursed. Jesus came not to make our lives happy and rich, painless and magical; but to save us from our sins and give us perfect, eternal life, to live with Him forever. To save us from His coming wrath.

Was God able to save my baby from death and spare us from pain? Yes. But He did not, because His plans are better that ours. He knows what I do not, He loves us so much that He chose this to be best for us, even in a broken world full of pains and suffering, He is merciful to His people and uses even the bad of this world to show us more of who He is, to show us His goodness and our dependency upon Him. To make us more like Jesus Christ.  And to long for heaven, where the perfect rest of all suffering, pain and sin is our hope. But not a hope that is based on nothing, but a hope based on assurance.

To follow Christ will not be easy, but His love will be more beautiful to you the moment you know Him. Because He will fill every corner of your heart. You can know much about God and the stories written in the Bible, you can know much about religion. But O, to be known by God! To be called by Him and be His own possession.... there is nothing that compares.

Repent and follow Christ. Ask for mercy. And see how beautiful the Lord is. Pray to Him alone through Jesus Christ who gives us access to the Father. Pray to the One who can save your life and give you eternal life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Whom O Lord?

To whom O Lord can I go to? Who O Lord is enough for my soul? Is it not only You who can feed my soul?The only One who can comfort the inner parts of me? Who can I pray to that has the power to do wonderful things? Only You my Lord! Only You.

Who loves me with everlasting love but You O Lord? "If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there."(ps.139)

Doubt my love for You, how can I? If it is Your Word who keeps me, Your love that sustains me, Your grace that receives me, Your mercy that forgives me, Your tenderness that captures me, Your love that ties me to You, Your faithfulness that keeps me, Your beauty that surrounds me, Your goodness that conquers me.

Beautiful Lord, there is nothing I desire more that to know You more, to live for You, to cherish You more and to surrend to You.

When I see the greatness of Your love, my mouth is without words. I can only bow my knees and thank You for saving me.