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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Advice to moms of boys becoming men

1. Let your boys be strong. The world needs men that have the strength to lead,  protect and defend.

2. The way they treats their mom,  will be the way they treat their wife. The habits they create now, will be harder to break when they are older. 

3. Do not excuse their behavior (even when you feel they have been misunderstood). Let them learn 
to give reason and take responsibility for their actions.

4, Resist the temptation of answering for them when people asks them their age, grade, or why's or when's.

5. Give them space when they need it and take advantage of the times they are ready to talk. Sometimes happens while having ice cream at the local ice cream shop.

6. Talk with them often and ask for their advice. They have good things to say. Learn to listen.

7. If they are playing sports, don't ask of other kids to throw the ball at your child so he can play. 
Rather, teach you child that if he wants something, he must try, and fail before he becomes good at it. But do not let him be the pity of others. He must learn to ask for it himself.

8. After the age of 13, do not plan their play dates. If they want to have a friend over, teach them to  grab the phone and plan it themselves. If they do not do it, then teach them the importance of friends and that he needs to make it happen. But moms, PLEASE do not call other moms to invite the friend any more!

9. Let them play rough sometimes. They need that. Do not save them if they get hurt. Your baby will get hurt.

10. Let them make choices, that may push your limits. Talk about those choices. Ask their reasoning, will be surprised how sometimes you may change your view of the issue. Or at least answer with a: "hmm I will consider this. Let me think about it, I have never thought about it that way"

11. Summer?  = work! = get a job! , teach them to write a CV, , deliver as many as they can, to have interviews and be rejected.. They have the energy and the time. Being at home is not productive. Any money they make put it towards university, and a small portion they can spend. They need to know the value of saving money, working hard and keep busy.

12. Give them due dates for school and keep them. 

13.Teach them public speaking and debate. (Ideally, not you mom, but a formal class where he is accountable to others - Toast Masters is a great option, usually it runs for free or a very mall fee)

14. Teach them to cook, iron, and dress respectably. And learn to respect their own taste even if  its not that ideal look you may have envision for them when they were young.

15. Let them disagree with you (respectfully). 

16. Tech them hard work (not only physical but in all they do -  school, mowing the lawn, character building...). Think highly of them! But do not praise them simply for existing. Let them know that a good character, a manly one that it is now seldom found, it is of great worth.

17. Trust your husband, He is a guy! Let him have his own relationship with his children without you monitoring every step. Guys relate different. Get used to it! 

18. Start seeing them differently (it is a conscious act). He is not a baby. He has his own ideas, plans and desires. Respect them. In the private of your home as well as in public. They are building a reputation for themselves of strong sensitive individuals as they try to find themselves.

19. Laugh with them. Teach them that life is not that serious. But when they see you talking about their soul... they should know you are serious. And they must see now in your life the prayer life you taught them, the character you required, the struggle with the flesh, the hope in Christ!

20. Encourage them to have compassion for the needy. And explain what an honorable character means.. a character found in Christ.. Give them the opportunity to learn that honor. To work for it. So that it tastes glorious!