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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am so blessed!

Halloween just passed, Christmas is coming, parties and dinners... and I see many women taking the opportunity to dress with provocative clothing, it brakes my heart. I am so incredible blessed to be surrounded by good friends who are sensitive enough to dress modestly all the time.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends and church family, that care for the sanctity of marriage, that respect and honor that purity. That love us so much that they would hate to be a stumbling block in our marriage. Those women who love my children enough to show a good example. Those women that love them enough to protect them from images hard to erase from their young brains.

I am so blessed. I can go with any of my close friends for dinner or a party and I can be confident that our time will be a good time because of the company and not because of the low cut dress I wear or the competition to see who gets the most looks from men.

I am so blessed to have young men in my family that cherish their minds so much as to look away even at a adds from stores that are too provocative (and they are everywhere!). And to walk away with hurt from seeing women who sell their bodies, not for money but for the simple momentary joy of a lustful look.

I am so blessed to have a God who knows what is best for our minds and He remind us in His Holy Word to renew our minds not conforming to the pattern of this world. I know this may seem foolishness to the world, but it is not foolishness! foolishness is to not see the beauty of sanctity!, There is so much more lasting joy in purity, there is no competitions on the better, the youngest, the one who had surgery, botox... nothing! you can love freely. You can go to a party and not be worried as to where to look. You can enjoy friends knowing that they care for you and you for them. You can be who you are, you can learn to impress your husband by the beauty of character, a beauty that will last. You can encourage other women not to compete for sexiness or beauty, but for holiness, home makers, lovers of their husbands, children and lovers of God.

I am so blessed!