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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preparation for the Lord's Day.

Prepare to meet thy God, O Christian! Betake thyself to thy chamber on the Saturday night, confess and bewail thine unfaithfulness under the ordinances of God; ashamed and condemn thyself for thy sins, entreat God to prepare they heart for, and assist it in, thy religious performances; spend some time in consideration of the infinite majesty, holiness, jealously, and goodness, of that God, with whom thouart to have to do in sacred duties; ponder the weight and importance of his holy ordinances...; meditate on the shortness of the time thou hast to enjoy Sabbaths in; and continue musing...till the fire burneth; thou canst not think the good thou mayest gain by such forethoughts, how pleasant and profitable a Lord's day would be to thee after such a preparation. The oven of thine heart thus baked in, as it were overnight, would be easily heated the next morning; the fire so well raked up when thou wentest to bed, would be the sooner kindled when thou shouldst rise. If thou wouldst thus leave thy heart with God on the Saturday night, thou shouldst find it with him in the Lord's Day morning.
George Swinnock

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

8 months with a different life.

Not too long ago, I felt complete. I felt with my hands full and missing nothing. I never saw myself like I was missing someone to hold or to hug. I was complete with the children God gave us. Two wonderful boys that filled my house with laughs, those boys that make me smile every time I see them. Those boys that are growing to be godly men.. O what a joy and satisfaction that is! I always teased that all I ever was going to be, was the "mother in law" because I had no daughters to "plan" the wedding with, but it was fine!, I was happy and said that I was going to spoil my daughters in laws so much so that I would be not just the dreaded "mother in law"... it was fine, really, It was a very happy and complete life, we were 4 in my house and 4 was great!

And then, I had the privilege of having a daughter with me for very little time, yet, I got to hug and kiss, to love and cherish, to fill my head with dreams and sweet memories that lasted but a short time... she was beautiful! And 8 months ago, I became incomplete. I am now broken and part of me is missing. Part of me was ripped away. My heart is missing someone, my arms are empty still. I still miss my little baby Erica Faith. I have her face printed in my head, her little fat hands and soft cheeks...There is not one day, I do not think of her.

BUT, (I love this beautiful word!) As broken as I feel sometimes, I have to say, When I feel very low and very sad, there is always the love of my All Sufficient Father comforting me... it has been a blessing to know God's providence in our life. God's kindness and to see His strength sustaining me on those days that feel so deep in the dark cave of sorrow... yet, I can smile,I love to laugh (something I thought would not come back), I have my dear husband and boys to encourage each other. I see my kids persevering in the faith and my husband, holding unto our Lord. I am so blessed by them! I am the only image of a "girl" in their lives! (poor kids! hahaha ... there are many other women better than me for this job!, I fall so short, ..but that is another post) May I be a Godly example, may I reflect Jesus Christ even in my mourning and may we continue to trust in the future Providences that may come whatever they are, knowing that my days and the days of my family are in His hands. He owns us and He will care for what belongs to Him.. what a rest that is! So whatever may come, good or hard, I know will be the best.

He has truly showed me that we live not for today, we live for tomorrow's rest. When our Heavenly Father will hold us. And there by His feet I will weep my last tears... and He will trade them for joy. My best life now? Impossible! I look forward to my best life when I see my Savior. And while we are here, He gives me the grace to enjoy life, my dear husband (Victor), my 2 beautiful sons (Marco and Sebastian)... and I am so thankful for those mercies... waiting together the coming of our Lord.

And those who know your name put their trust in you,
for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10

My prayers are filled with tears. But not all are sad tears, many of those tears are grateful tears for having 3 handsome men around me :), so incredible blessed by the 3 in many different ways, my daughter safe in His arms. For having my sons walking in the truth.  For giving us the privilege to know Him in a way we never knew Him before, and to love Him more!

And I pray: Lord, come quickly! gather your people and hasten your return!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I hear so often mothers "afraid" to tell their children to not listen to certain music, read a book, watch a movie,... that are of questionable benefit for the heart of your children, because they are afraid they will get frustrated and reject the Lord because everything is a "NO". 

My comment to that is: If your children walk away from the teaching of the Lord, they are responsible before the Lord. But you are to be faithful in teaching them to walk in His way, to not bend their morality and to stand firm in what is good.

If your parenting is a bunch of rules to follow, then yes, you should be worried. But that is why we need to talk to them, talk to them about what the Bible teaches, why is it wrong, the dangers of it, the beauty of not doing that what is wrong, and help them to have a deeper desire and passion for the Lord.

I am no charismatic, I do not agree with the doctrine of it. But I tell my kids, I am a strong Calvinist with a sprinkle of charismatic in my love for the Lord. I want them to see that passion, desire it.  I tell them: all doctrine and no emotions, you run the risk of being to proud; and all emotions and no doctrine, makes you ignorant and unstable. So be all doctrine with a touch of charismatic :) (now, this may be controversial for some of my friends on both sides of the fence, but if you know me, you understand what I mean).

If you teach your kids to dress in a certain way, explain why. Explain it to them so that it becomes part of who they are. If it is having certain friends, also talk to them, warn them if necessary and encourage them if appropriate. Be quick to listen to them and ready to explain.

Be afraid of the Lord, not of them. The Lord will convince them. He can be much more persuasive that the world. Once He gets a hold of their heart, He will not let them go.