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If you can pass my grammar errors and typos , then , you could enjoy my blog. I am not very good at writing, yet I write from my heart. You will know a little bit of me and the things that I treasure most in my life.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

you know you are a home school mom, when...

Here are some of my favorites:

1. When the teacher gets to kiss the principal of the school and no one gossips.
2. Your bank statement reflects that you spend most of the income in books and classes than in a fancy clothing store.
3. You have a book case in every room in your house..... and need to have more!
4. You have more than one answer to the question: what about socialization?
5. Your children never leave the "why" stage.
6. Your husband walks at the end of the day home, and does not need to ask how the science experiment went.....
7. On your kitchen counter you have a couple of experiments growing (on purpose!)
8. You are not sure what to expect they'll say when you take you kids the the "Dinosaur museum"
9. When raking leaves and shoveling snow is part of their exercise routine.
10. When you take you kids from tennis to swimming to hockey to art to science classes and realize that you need to cut down on your social activities to do actual school work.
11. When they ask you if you are not afraid of socialization you answer: yes, that's why I home school!
12. Your librarian knows you by name.
13. When their best friends of your kids are the siblings.
14. When your kids are not embarrassed to play with younger kids.


Sara said...

Just love having a homeschooling friend like you! Still miss not seeing you more often! I'd love to sit by the pool and chat with you while our kids are taking lessons!

Norma said...

miss you too... it was nice!!...who knows, maybe God will give us that gift again.