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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dead chicken

The boys have many chores at the farm, from feeding the sheep, to getting the eggs from the chicken coop. They love every minute of it!!, there is nothing better than getting dirty and smelly doing farm work....... until, my worst nightmare happened. The boys went inside the chicken coop to get the eggs and they came out and told me that there was a dead chicken and that the other chickens were stepping on it. And as a "protective" mother, I told them to leave it alone and that I was going to inform Mrs. R about it so she can deal with it later. When I went to tell her, she asked me if I could "find in my heart" to get that dead chicken out of there before the other ones start pecking on it!!!. .....I'll try, that is all I could say. I come downstairs, and I ask for volunteers to save their mother from this task. Older son M, volunteers... and grabbing a lot of paper towels, he goes in with a mission... Bravely he grabs the stiff chicken from the legs and carries it out and walks through the backyard to safely put it in an empty sheep pen, while younger son S, distracts the dogs so they don't grab the dead chicken from M's hands. That day, was a special day..... and made me very thankful to have brave boys to save their mother in this situations.


Edward & Sara and boys said...

I also love having boys who are so brave. My knights when the king is not home! Good for you Sir M and Sir S!

Heather said...

LOL, those are SOME pics!
Great job!