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Friday, May 23, 2008

More farm adventures!!

I should have a blog dedicated just to the farm.... Today, a mom rabbit was not doing well, she did not want to eat as she always does and Mrs. R, did not know what was wrong with her.. so she decided to get her together with the daddy rabbit "next door" and see if maybe she was just lonely... so she asked me to carry her and bring her for a "marital visit" with daddy rabbit. So I did, and the kids had front view.... it might be easier to explain later the bees and the flower story.... any ways, I never thought I was going to be doing this kind of job at the farm... It has been great fun and learning experience, both for the kids and me. We have seen, sheep being slaughtered, dead chickens, we have clean stalls, promoted pregnancy...... At first I was not sure about this whole thing, but now I can say I am happy we did this.... and I can still say: I would not like to have a farm of my own, but I can go any time to do the chores and not be such a wimp.

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