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Friday, December 11, 2009

15 YEARS!!

15 years have passed since I said "I DO". It has been an adventure. With all that comes with a marriage. But with all, I will marry him again. We have a great life together, with two wonderful kids, who celebrated with us yesterday making that day, a very special one with the help of "Abu". They gave us a very romantic dinner of cheese fondue with a beautifully decorated table, the "wedding march" as a background and for us to pretend to enter "the church" (or in this case the dining room), then we had to dance. We usually go out for a dinner on our anniversary, but this one, was a special one. They got out the very nice wine glasses and made us feel super special.. they too.. were SO excited to make everything perfect. My mom was a great treat to the celebration, since she was the one orchestrating all. It was really fun!. And since she is here, this Saturday, my husband and friend, is inviting me to see "The Nutcracker"!! . And we'll stay in Montreal for a night. This will be very special too.
15 years of marriage, and looking forward to many many more with him!


Sara said...

Congratulations Victor & Norma! Here's to many, many more together! You won't forget this one that's for sure! Felt like we'd been married a long time at 12 1/2 years. You married young too didn't you! ;-)

Becky said...




Faby said...

Congratulations !!!!
I can´t believe that your mom was orchestrating this surprise ..!it´s not her style!! Ja,ja
Hope you´ve had a day!

* It´s nice to read your blog again.

Becky said...

How was that get away?


Heather said...

Happy Happy Anniversary, my dearest friend. Your happiness makes me happy. Much love to you and yours. xoxo

Becky said...

Te ves muy guapa en estas fotos. Y el cabello se ve muy lindo, largo y brillante :)

Te amo!

Lulu Gomez said...

felicidades en sus 15 anios. Los amamos mucho. Tus papas