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Friday, December 11, 2009

So cool!

We went this week to see the Olympic torch pass very close to my house. It was an amazing experience!, there was a party with music, flags, food, a parade, street artists blowing fire. People very excited to have a glimpse at the torch. It was super fun!. The runner passed by us really close. My camera of course ran out of batteries, but I'll post some pictures later from my mom's camera. Everyone wanted to touch it, but my boys, days before at the mall got to hold it and took a picture with it (which I do not know how to put in my computer!). It was a one in a lifetime experience... I do not know when we'll see something like this again..... and in my own little town!.. walking distance in the summer!. The kids LOVED IT!!!

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Becky said...

What an opportunity! I am so happy for my Canadian kids!!

Give them all my love.

-Thanks for posting-