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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Mom, Wife, Nurse, Teacher, Cheff,... ?

    What does a regular day looks like for a homeschool mom looks like? I can tell you is CRAZY BUSY! or busy enogh, or not too bad. I can make it sound like I'm super mom or not. We love to make our days sound busier, because it makes us feel important and industrious, so that we can be admired!.. yes, there are days that seem like everything landed on that day and you have not a moment to sit down in a quiet place and enjoy a cup of tea with the book that you are reading. Yes, those days exist!. there are weeks that are insane, because of commitments that we make, or doctor appointments or visit to the dentist, friends or family visiting, ... or any number of things... but certanly, is not the every day life.

I beleive, that our outlook on our day has to do with being content with what God has given us. Not complaining with what we have to do, and how little we are appreciated or how the housework is so useless, since the next day we'll have to do it all over again! Also, not making it sound better and bigger than it is... in that we sin.

I am praying that the Lord reminds me ever day, that He is giving me a great oportunity to serve Him in secret. Where no one will know how hard I work, how much time I invest, with how much love I do what I do, but that my reward will be in heaven. And my hope in seeing my kids walking in the truth.

Do not get tired of doing good.. how much more do we ask for? we have the greatest oportunity to do good every day in the life of our family, serve them, make a heaven in our houses and a home that can be used by God to be a blessing to others.

Do we complain about our daily routines? Do we exalt our days to be appreciated if not by our families, by our friends?, Do we  work at it as if we were working for the Lord and not for men? ... I certanly fall short.. I seek the praise once in a while of my family and get frustrated if I don't get it..... but then again, who I am serving?.


Sara said...

AMEN! Thank you for sharing...Looking forward to seeing you SOON!

Victor said...

me too!! we are waiting for you to sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea.... thanks for the visit!

Faby said...

Thanks for this post .It really makes me think "Who am I serving?"