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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too dependant on appliances..

One of those weeks.. started when the dryer stopped working, outside these days is still cold with snow and all.... I can't just hang my clothes for the fresh summer breeze to dry them,.. no, they are all over my basement, every little space I found was turned into a clothes line. That is OK, I can manage that I just hope is not too expensive. When I go upstairs.. there is a puddle on my kitchen floor, the dishwasher is leaking!! WHAT! not that too!. I start cleaning the puddle and trying to understand why is it leaking, there is nothing broken that I can see from my perspective. So I am just hoping that it will just heal and get better soon. The next day, I started vacuuming, and the central vac, starts spitting dust all over the floor!. It is not doing its job. it is making it worst!.

At this point I am about to cry.. out loud!.

Husband is panicking too, more about the cost of it that the actual labor that is saving me from doing... me?... forget the cost!, I want my machines working!.

Thankfully, the story ends very happy for both of us. the dryer was under guarantee, so they came to fix it temporally until they get the broken piece. The dishwasher, healed, and is been healthy for the last days!. The vacuum cleaner... swallowing everything as it should!.

I am SO thankful to have my appliances back, but maybe I'm a little too dependant on them. It does help me to appreciate having them, and treat them nice for their hard work around the house!


Sara said...

Is the dryer broken? Do you use dryer sheets? I once read recently that the dryer sheets leave a film on the lint tray which causes the dryer to no longer dry. If you clean it with water and dry it off it would work better...or was it a part? Our dishwasher started leaking when I had accidently put something on top of the hose inside the cupboard and the pressure was too much. Once that was settled it was okay again. I really notice how much I ♥ my appliances when we get a power failure and my hair is wet and I need to cook dinner. Glad the bill isn't to bad.

Becky said...

This is such a fun post! I enjoyed reading it, but not as much as I enjoyed talking with you...I Love you!

Norma said...

no it is the button that actually turns it on,.. it broke and they need to get a new part. i'm still waiting.. but at least it works somehow. thanks for the tip though.

Lulú Gómez said...

My little girl, and you are so far to me. Well, you has could live without me for 15 years. But I can´t imagine how could I live without all the friendly machines.
I send you all my love.
Your Mom

Faby said...

It was very funny to read it but I Know it wasn´t any fun when it was hapening. I´m glad that now all is working as it should. I also depend so much on my machines.