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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

begining of the year!

Ok, so school will start soon!!!. The beautiful routine that I love so much!!, the busy days, the extra curriculum classes,... all fun and good! I am looking forward to start as new stage with my family. First grade of highschool and fifth grade.

I am nervous, excited and nostalgic... elementary school is going to be over in a couple of years for us. And the preparing for college and university is around the corner.

But this year, will be different. I have one in highschool and that will impact our days. I have to decide to register the boys in those sport activities that they enjoy so we decided to register them in hockey, French, piano... We need to decide if they are swimming or playing indoor soccer (or one thing each), there is skiing/snowboarding in the winter, ... The problem is that the week has only 5 days that I'm willing to drive them to activities and only 24 hours each!

What about socialization? some ask... Tell me about it!, I need to cut on socal activities to do the actual school work!.  I always start the year, hoping to spend more time at home, and when I least realize it, my schedule is full! How does that happen!?

And this is just the begining of the year... some activities will come up during the school year!. Hmmm... I hope that this year I can spend a bit more time at home (here it goes again), but I really need to be wise with my time, say yes to the things that are important and no to the ones that can wait.

I need to pray.

I need wisdom. Even in something so trivial as which classes we need to sign our kids and which not.


Sara said...

We are staying away from any activities that does not give them a skill they can use to serve others or use as employment later on...for now anyway. So they have swimming lessons, tae kwon do and piano lessons. They are also going to be part of a choir/ musical throught Parkdale Baptist Church for a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. So singing & praising God. Otherwise hockey and other activities we do as a family. All the best with high school...I know who to go to when my oldest gets there. :-)

Faby said...

Have a wonderful beginning !
When kids are little we´re hoping when are they going to grow up to make a lot of activities with them, ,but now that they are so grown up we ´re only thinking how terrifying,for us, will it be when they get to the University.
Love you