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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

First day of school after vacations, and the comment you hear the most is"Yes!, finally, I get my life back!", or "great! I can't wait for them to go back to school" , or the "best" excuse I heard: I cant wait for them to go to school because I can't stay too long with them, we are too similar in personality and we crash too much!. How sad!, How sad it is to live in a society that value our time alone so much that spending time with our kids is a burden... Parents have lost that desire to be with their kids, to raise them, to enjoy spending time with them!. Weekends and nights is enough! Oh! how blind we have become!

Yes, it is hard sometimes, it is hard when I want my house spotless or I want silence! But wanting that every day? Putting my house and comfort above my children? Desire for them to go to school  because it is the time I can do "MY things"... Shouldn't OUR things be our kids?

When was this desire to be with them lost? When was it sold to us that mentality? Oh! that we should be awaken to see the society that we are living in! Oh ! that people could really see how much we agree with a corrupt society!.

But instead, being with them should be what we find joy in. And IF they need to go to school, it is because we worked in that relationship enough, we have worked out our differences and he goes to school because it is best for them, never as a way to have a break from them, NEVER! as the time of the day that you love the most.

Why is it then, that families find it hard to be with their kids? Because their kids are not well behaved. Because it is easier to send them and put the responsability on the school, that to take it on ourselves. Kids are hard to be around because parents are not taking their role as parents, teaching them to respect and honor authorities and so, they talk back, they are disrepectful, rude, disobedient, pushing the limits all the time... and so, it is hard to be around them. No wonder parents are happy to have a break from them for a few hours every day!. Who's fault is it?

Oh! that parents would have that love for their families again!, that going for morning coffes with friends or shopping to the mall and going to the gym every morning wouldn't be the thing we live for! But instead, find ourselves filled as mothers, as home-makers, that our houses would have noises of kids laughing constantly and the smell of home made cookies. And our husbands come home from a busy day at work and the house smelling like a welcoming dinner, with our best smile, not because your house looks like a magazine or us as models, but because we are happy! happy to have that family that is so great and so special, that all the rest is extra.

Oh! that this time of the year we would not hear every minute the releif on peoples voices that their beloved children are  finally going back to school!

Best advice I ever got: Be friends of people who love to be with their children... those whom their children are not a burden but a delight!. It is contageous!


Sara said...

Amen! Okay so my favourite verse is Isaiah 40 verse 31 for the days I forget my reasons for homeschooling and being a stay-at-home mom.

Sara said...

Oh and (just to you) did you see that necklace on my blog? I've been looking and have no idea where to get buttons like that...Would you be able to make one like that? (No need to post this). :-)

Anonymous said...

Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.

Faby said...

Thanks for the advice.It´s so important!

zabdiel said...

Great! Be our friend at, a growing homeschooler community in Mexico. You may help many starting-up families with your experience and knowledge.

Vanessa said...

VERY good advice!!! I will take that to heart :)