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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

His mercy

Have you noticed that the same sin that Lucifer committed against God which caused him to be expelled from Heaven forever, is the very same sin that he seduced Adam and his wife Eve in the garden of Eden? He knew the consequences. He hated God. He wanted us to be expelled from Heaven and suffer like him... not because he wanted us to suffer, but because he hated God. He wanted to hurt God, to ruin His plan, to bring God down from His throne and wanted to find more allies to war against God.

Lucifer, created perfect, thought he knew more than God. He did not want to stay in the position of created creature, he thought higher than himself that he ought to, he had a very high "self-esteem". He decided to not take orders from God anymore, he wanted to be the one in charge. He wanted to be like God.

He came to the garden. And the same strategy that used in Heaven, used against Adam and Eve. "You will be like God" he told them, all he had to do, was to convince them of the same rotten idea he once thought to be a great plan. And he did. The lie of becoming more than simple created creatures, thinking as something to be desired to be like Him who created them, to think that they could know more than God himself was a very attractive thought. And they believed Satan, rather than God.

What a sad day that was! To this day, I cry when I read the story of Adam's sin. To this day, my heart aches. But oh what a shock was to Satan!, what a pain it must have felt, when he realized he had no hope... yet... God had pity on us! He had no pity on him and his angels; God had pity on US!. Guilty of the same sin as Satan, guilty of the same treachery against our Creator, same penalty should have been fair and just. But He had pity on us!

Oh blessed Saviour! Oh blessed Lord!
Forbid it Lord that I should boast, forbid it Lord that I will take any credit on my salvation, that I may not see that cross and see the lamb in the place I should have been.

Oh blessed Jesus! Oh blessed day when You came! Oh blessed Redeemer! Oh blessed cross! Oh blessed resurrection!

Thank to Him that had mercy on us!

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Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Norma, I'm not sure I ever thought of Satan enticing Adam & Eve with the same lie that was his downfall. He must have thought that he would be the victor, and God would have to punish Adam & Eve like He punished Satan. What a surprise to Satan to learn he didn't have the final say in the matter.

Thank you for sharing this today!