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Friday, January 20, 2012


Stretch marks that tell stories of babies inside,Gray hair that gives you the right to tell others what you really think,  :)
Scars of C-Sections that help you remember,
Wrinkles adorning your face because of years of smiling,
A not perfect belly of kids that were carried and meals finished -not thrown in the garbage;
Hands that tell time,
Words that have stories to tell.

Be called mother, and sister, and maybe grandmother,
Eye circles and age spots appearing,
Your outside beauty perhaps disappearing,
Some women focus on what they start losing,
that they forget to see that the real beauty is now appearing!

The old beauty was good for the time.. but now,
enjoy your time, use it wisely,
laugh all you can, make wrinkles on your face,
have children and enjoy your stretch marks,
have gray hairs and love them!
Work on the beauty that will stay with you...
the pure heart and noble spirit.

Tell stories worth listening to,
Do not compete with beauty of young,
but let them see the beauty awaiting.
Let them desire be old one day and not fear the days to come.


Becky said...

I am crying!!!

Love you!

Sara said...

Look for the story book "Grandfather's Wrinkles' by Kathryn England at your library.

Diane said...

Norma, I really loved this little breath of fresh air. No matter how old we are we're still trapped in a culture that worships youth and beauty and we have to fight against the tempatation to let those externals dictate our peace with regards to how God has made us.

Thanks for the day brightener sister.