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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Came up with this recipe. I thought it would be worth posting (due to peer pressure!)
                              "Chicken Sandwiches"
You will need:
Grilled egg plant in oil
Garlic spread (Renee's Cesar salad dressing)
Chicken breasts thin and grilled
Mozzarella cheese
Spinach passed through the pan quickly with salt and pepper
2 nice thick sliced bread

Heat all ingredients and make your sandwich... use the butter to heat them up (like a grilled cheese)
And serve hot!
a nice soup on the side would go great with them.


Sara said...

Edward loves eggplant. He says Yum!! I'll have to try them. You invented the sandwich

Anonymous said...

I never quite know what to do with eggplant Norma. Now I know!

Your blog feed came through as
"Reduce Me To Love Sandwiches". Haha!. Have a blesssed weekend!