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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Where did we go on Saturday?... yes. The Nascar races!!!. Even I felt some testosterone running through my veins!!. The noise was incredible, the smell of gasoline and the place was very cool. and... we were sitting in the first row!!. Not something I would do every weekend, but it was worth the experience.

The weather did not cooperate too much, it was raining half way through the races (a lot), thankfully, we did not pay for the tickets. They were a gift from V's work, so when we decided to leave because of the rain it was not as painful as if we had payed for them.

The kids LOVED IT!!. Even with the ear plugs, they were covering their ears. And to my American friends... sorry, but two Canadians won first and second place ;-)

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Sara said...

You're such a great mom to go along with the guys! In a few years we home to take our 4 boys to the Monster Truck Show at Scotia Bank Place! I'll be wearing earplugs then too! Way to go Norma!