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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When daddy is off work...

What do we do when daddy is on vacations?

.....Well, having V_ home was nice, the boys and I enjoyed him 100%. We were planning to go camping for a few days, but I hurt my finger and we were worried it was going to get infected with the sand and dirt from the campsite. Instead, we decided to do day trips to different places.

FIRST, We visited Omega Park:

Then, we went to a canoe trip and fishing:

Then to a beach and a beautiful hike!!:

Then we went to the zoo and a water park:

An other day we stayed home , we went to Ottawa. And last but not least, we closed our holidays with Arbraska.... the zip lines and tree top hike.


Sara said...

What zoo did you go to where you saw the tiger up close? When were you in Ottawa??? My hubby and I thought of stopping by and seeing you on our way to Quebec City but I hadn't brought your phone number or address. My sister is getting married in October and we'll be travelling with the oldest two. Maybe we can plan to stop by on the way home.

Norma said...