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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our big adventure!

40 feet high and a bit more than 2 football fields long. That is how big was the zip line we went on!. At first I was really scared, until I did it a couple of times before I knew how to do it and get the courage to jump. The hardest thing was seeing my two kids doing it !!! They had to hook themselves to the zip line, jump and unhook and hook again to the next tree. VERY SCARY!!. They were not as scared as we were for them. M_ would go first, V_ was second to ensure son M was hooked properly and receive son S_. I was last so I could help son S_ to hook properly before jumping, then I would go for the next jump.
I am glad I tried.. even though I thought I was not going to be able to do it after the first try, I really wanted to get down.. but I decided to try just once more... the bridges were no as scary as the zip lines.. and it was because I had to jump and trust that the pulley was going to be strong enough to hold my weight.
It was fun... I will do this again!!.


Twinklemoose said...

Where was this? It sounds fun.

Norma said...
Here in Rigaud, where the ski hill is. It is super fun.