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Monday, May 4, 2009


This was their Science Expo. they worked really hard with his friends studying "Exploring Creation with Astronomy", it was an amazing book, with super fun projects and kept them interested every chapter. It was a nice reward to finish it with an expo and a chance to explain to others all that they learned. They were very proud!

Part of the fun at the expo, was that the four of them dressed as astronauts with a Canadian flag on the side of their suit.. (proud to be Canadian!!)

This was a field trip to the Cosmo dome (space museum). Where M. tried this robot car where he had to balance and go upside down trying to connect cables, pull out the solar panels in a space station, and head back to his place... it was GREAT!!!

This was their project trying to make the ISS. It was a lot of work.... but THEY DID IT!!


Sara said...

See you soon!♥

Heather said...

Love the costumes!