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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my favorite books on raising boys:

"Boys and Girls Playing" by J. C Ryle, sermons for kids very convicting for them and me!. We love this one.

"The Squire and the Scroll", a favorite one here in my house.

"Thoughts for Young Men" Can you go wrong with J. C. Ryle?... I don't think so..

"How to Be a Man" This is a wonderful book on character training!. Easy to read and full of wisdom.

"Created for Work" This is a good book. It is good to read together an comment on it.


Sara said...

I bought the Squire & the Scroll last year at the RVHEA homeschooling conference and my oldest 2 boys love it! I haven't heard of the other two but since my boys are still young I'll just keep them in mind for now!

Heather said...

Thank you!! :)