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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God answered our prayers!

I did not think that I was going to write a post on this..... This past week I was heart broken, and there was in my opinion nothing good in it. It happened once and then it happened again.. yesterday.

One of my sons (and out of respect I will leave it like that), sinned. I know they sin often, but this time it was a bigger sin, the kind that I knew I had to deal with him way more severely. For the last 4 months or so, this son, has been faithfully asking the Lord to help him resist temptation. It is a very noble prayer. Last week I realized sin was happening. He was caught. After a big discipline, talk, cry,.... I though it was learned and over..... But, it happened again. My world fell. Did he learn nothing out of last time?!. Was all that in vane?!... I was devastated. My wise husband came after work, and talked to him in a loving but strong talk. And the Lord opened my eyes today, though his wise advice, and this is what he showed me:

I always pray for them. That the Lord will use them at a very young age, that the Lord will speak to them and to discipline them. Well, He in His so great and wonderful mercy, listened to our cries. To my son, He answered by training him to resist temptation. I have the opportunity now, to teach him how to cope with temptation. To give him tools so that next time he is tempted, he has a way out. A way that glorifies the Lord. This teaching, will be great practice for when he is older and recognizes his own weaknesses and can ask for help, prayer and accountability. He also answered his prayer, because, how is God going to train him to resist temptation if he is never tempted?!... He allowed him to be tempted so that he can recognize that sin in his life, that weakness, and deal with his self control. And to me, He was merciful by allowing me to see what was happening soon enough. Not too late, when a habit is established, when the heart is hardened and the conscience asleep. My other son, was also blessed and learn by it. My dear husband, was blessed , because he practiced his leadership in a very loving and wise way, and helped me to trust in his wisdom.

God answered our prayers !. It took two times, one after the other.... we did not get it the first time,and gave us a second that we can understand and do His will.. How grateful I am to see God's hand in our training, We are not alone!, God is with us, I can trust in Him and He will guide us!. What a blessing for him, experience God's mercy and God's perfect love. Not that sin will not happen ever again, but that next time he is tempted, he will know that he can talk to us, and we'll help him conquer.

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, the Lord who rules over all!.


Sara said...

Praying for your family, especially your young men!

Becky said...

I love you! And I love my Canadian boys!
¡Qué padre, qué bendición!

Heather said...

so thankful for this testimony of God's work in your lives. and for the partnership you share with your husband. :)