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Thursday, November 19, 2009

mi historia! - My history!

"Por si no sabias tio, tu bisabuelo Chapman fue un 'Preacher' Methodist muy reconocido y querido en el Sur de USA que primero tuvo que viajar 'Spreading The Word Of The Lord' muy dedicado por varias ciudades y luego poniendo la primera iglesia en creo que Tara Texas en la parte de abajo de su casa donde luego fue creciendo .... Tu papa creció en una familia numerosa muy religiosa Metodist pero al ir a México y casarse con mi abuela, pues dejo que sus hijos fueran bautizados Catolicos y asi crecieron..."

This is my story... I just found out what says in the paragraph above: My dad's great grandfather was a well know and loved Methodist Preacher in the South of USA, who had to travel through many cities spreading the Word of The Lord, very dedicated in those cities establishing the first church in Tara Texas . He opened the lower level of his house and it started to grow. My dad's father, grew up in a numerous and religious family but when he went to Mexico and married, he married a Catholic lady and allowed his children to be baptized in the Roman Catholic church. My dad grew up not knowing his dad (his dad and mom were not married and there were MANY years between them), my dad grew up with no knowledge of the Lord until I was about 13 years old, the Lord saved him!. Today, he is a great man of God preaching and studying with a great hunger the Word of the Lord, just as his great grandfather probably did.

This is exciting news for me, because it shows me how gracious God is, and what an honor to have such a heritage behind me. I am so thankful to the Lord. In His 10 commandments He says: I will show mercy to a thousand generations to those who love me and keep my commandments. And if this man loved the Lord, and if he could only see God's faithfulness and how his great grandson is walking in the Truth and how he taught his 2 daughters to walk in the Truth and how we are teaching our children to walk in the Truth... What a blessing!.

I am so happy to hear this of "my" past.


Sara said...

Funny I have a similar story behind me too! My father & uncle became pastors after meeting their wives (just friends who witnessed to them before they started dating). My grandparents weren't really interested in church but like to be moral people. My great grandparents were faithful Presbyterians and last year my grandmother gave me my grandfather's first Bible he had received from his mother as a child. My grandfather died in the Lord but after spending 90% of his aduly life not wanting to have Christ as his Saviour and Lord and not serving Him. All my years growing up we would pray for him and his Salvation. The Lord only answered our prayer less than a year after he died back in 2002. The Lord is faithful!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story! I´m sure you are really grateful with the Lord because he has been so mercyful with you and your lovely family.
please give a kiss from Mexico to your mom.
we missed her very much.


Becky said...

Ya estamos listos para la parte dos!!!!!

I miss you in blogland!


Becky said...

¡Me gusta mucho el fondo que escogiste! ya nnada más falta el nuevo post :)

Te amo!!!

Faby said...

Desde que llegó tu linda visita no has escrito ! Te extrañamos.