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Monday, November 2, 2009

October 31

Reformation Night. We celebrated the reformation night on October 31st. While the rest of our neighbours were celebrating the death, we celebrated life!, the life we have in Christ!. We remembered a man (Martin Luther) who had so much influence in our reformed faith today, and celebrated the fact that God did not leave us in ignorance and darkness about Him, but gave us light so that we might see. Friends came over to our house and we had a time of fellowship together remembering Jesus Christ. It was a blessed night.


Faby said...

what a great idea : celebrate life when almost everybody is celebrating death!
Hope you´d had a very good time.
the you tube video is great!
I received your mail and my son is going to mail you the instructions because he is my audio and video master.

Sara said...

Do you have the book Small Talks on Big Questions? I was reading that with my boys this morning and we were talking about the 95 theses and what indulgences were and why no amount of money could pay for our sins and that Christ's sacrifice and death was the only price that was "enough". They like to call the 31st Reformation Day but since they are still young they don't want to miss the candy & the costumes. :-)