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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lessons in life

I am the regular-medium competitive type person.... at least that is what I thought until the winter Olympic games started. It gets to a point where I am not enjoying watching them anymore. The stress I feel, my hands sweat, my body gets all tense .. my goodness! what happens to me!. I even turn in my seat when they are suppose to turn!. And the worst part, is that they are not even my kids!
We are having a great time as a family watching the games. Watching my boys so excited about their country to win medals, and yell as they score or are one of the first three!. It is good that they are only 3 weeks, keeping the school routine is hard.
Also, it gives you an appreciation of the hard work they put into it. There are lots of good lessons even at the Olympics. Like the one my son gave me just a few days ago:
On Mondays, we are going skiing, and the teacher took me on a black diamond (a very steep part of the mountain) and I stood at the top, completely paralyzed by fear, very close from crying. I turn twice, and on the second turn I fell and slid all the way down that part (not by choice). I was very upset at my self , How come I cannot do that!!!, Why am I SO afraid!. My pride was very bruised. and my sons encouraged me making me feel that I was not alone and that it was normal.., my son S. said: "well, you'll just have to remember that God made you like that , and its OK......... AND if you die, you go to heaven!" .. What!!?, yes, those were my son's encouraging words. So.. we'll just hope that one day, I'll conquer that hill, and go to heaven in a more pleasant way.


Becky said...

I am glad "daily on my way to heaven" doesn't include skiing lessons daily! (just to get an earlier pass!):)

Love you..SOOOO MUUUCH !!!

Sara said...

My boys wish they could do the sports instead of just watch them. With a 6 billion price tag though we have felt a bit sad about all the money spent on sports & entertainement & for the glory of man since so much time is spent on training one's body and not really serving others. My husband and I have hardly watched them. We tuned in a few times but still have this nagging feeling... what if that money had all gone to Haiti or other countries in need...
And who is going to pay the bills since Vancouver has figured that they are going to only make about 4billion and will be 2 billion in debt...I've always loved the Olympics growing up and always watched them but now when I think about where that money could have gone...
And since you are married you can't even think about a handsome rescue employee to help a damsel in distress...;-)

Lulú Gómez said...

Really, I love you and I hope you "conquest yours hills" every day.
enjoy your kids, your life and snow.
Your Mom