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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Their firs Ice sculptures!

Close to our house, there was a great day of winter activities, these are some of the things we did: horse sled ride, eat Taffies, skate, ....

But the best of all the activities, was this!

These are my very proud sons after completing their first project on Ice sculpting.. they actually turned out VERY well, and the were set on a special table as a display (OK, I will admit... I AM VERY PROUD TOO!) ... they worked for hours on it...Son son M. made the head of a dog, and S made the head of a shark.


Faby said...

That sculptures were really nice! you should be proud of your kids.
Oh, I would love to see that place! even I get frozen in the snow. Enjoy the snow


Faby said...

Those sculptures were so great! You can be proud of your kids.
I would love to be in that place even I get frozen with so much snow.

Enjoy your days.


Sara said...

Tire is so much fun do to...

Good job on your sculptures boys!