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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Face Book

I joined Face Book not long ago, and even though I love been in touch with old friends and it is nice to see that most of us still walk in the faith, also, it has been very shocking and at times, very sad to see how little reverence there is for God's Holy Name now a days, even among Christians. I was reading some posts on facebook of people that have been Christians for a long time. And as I read and look at their pages, makes me upset to see how much God's Name is basphemed. Very quickly His Name, is used as an expression. Or used in a joke (to make a point of something exagerated), others, have pictures of themselves which inspire nothing but lust.

Where has the fear of the Lord gone? Have we forgotten that God said "Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for He will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name" Do you not fear God's wrath? When you misuse His name, is like saying: I have NO fear of God's wrath over me. How foolish and irreverent the people that called themselves Christians have become! With fear of not being religious, have gone to the extreme of been profane with their words.

Where are the Christians of old, that people knew they were Christians, not because of the televangelists with bad reputations, or because the prosperity gospel preached everywhere, or because their kids had their rooms decorated as Noah's Ark (which that alone is worth a full post), but because their lives were HOLY because their God is holy!

Be careful with the way we speak, with the way we live our lives, what we say and what we do. We behave in a certain way, not so that we may go to heaven, but we behave in a certain way, because we are going to heaven!


Sara said...

That's actually one of the reasons I got off for a while... even people I thought I really knew had nothing good to write or their photos were 'questionable'. I got on to be close to my dear sisters that I can't take out for tea and just chat or pray together... BTW with us able to chat more whenever I'm online... if you have a prayer request for that day... I'd love to pray for you more. said...

Ali, sabes? es algo que me he dado cuenta, debemos tener cuidado de cómo usamos el nombre de Dios, que no llegue a ser parte habitual de nuestro lenguaje, sin pensar en lo Grande, Maravilloso, Poderoso y Santo que es a quien le debemos nuestra Gloriosa Salvación.
Te amo. Tu mami