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If you can pass my grammar errors and typos , then , you could enjoy my blog. I am not very good at writing, yet I write from my heart. You will know a little bit of me and the things that I treasure most in my life.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Most of God's people are content to be saved from the hell that is without; they are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within." Robert Murray

How I battle every day with the sin within me... my shortcomings and my love for the things of the world!, How I need Jesus every day to help me and change me.. He saved me and will make me perfect one day, but as today, the battle within me is a never end battle which makes me hope and wish for Him to come soon!

But as Thomas Watson said, when sin is my burden, then Christ is my delight!

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Anonymous said...

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