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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sovereign Lord

I was thinking about God's sovereignty lately. About His irresistible Grace in saving us. How hard it is for some to understand this and accept a God that does what He pleases and owes us nothing. He saves us because of the pure pleasure of His will. Not because we want to be saved, or because we can choose God if we wanted, but because He alone, opened our eyes so that we might see and understand His Word and like the things that God likes.

Some say that is possible for a non beleiver to want Christ and for a Christian to leave Christ... HOW! It is just as impossible for a non Christian to want the Sovereign God, as for a true beleiver to leave his faith! I speak out of my own life. I know for certain, that even if I wanted, I couldn't leave Him, I can't stop loving Him!

It was His grace that drew me to him since I was a little girl. It was Him who gave me faith to beleive in Him. It was His hand that rescued me when I sinned and gave me the privilege of understanding undeserved forgiveness. Everything that I leaned on has been removed from my life, so that I learn to lean only on Him. It was He, who has taught me to depend on Him alone.

How can I not owe Him my life!, How can I possibly turn my back on Him? IMPOSSIBLE!. It is He who sustains me, who helps me to persevere, who gives me a love for Him when I feel I am going through a desert... somehow,every time, I am reminded of His love for me.

He who has given me grace every time I am weak, He who has given me the biggest proof of love anyone can give, He who gave me life when I deserved death... How can I walk away from Him? IMPOSSIBLE!.. I simply CAN'T.

He has kept me in His way since young, Would He turn away from me one day? Would He be distracted when I am going the wrong path and be lost? Would the world be more persuasive than the Lord who saved me? Would He allow to lose something that belongs to Him? IMPOSSIBLE!

I am bought with His blood because of love. He covered me with robes of righteousness, He cleansed me and He works in me still.

"Christ did not die for any upon condition, if they do believe; but He died for all God's elect, that they should believe." JOHN OWEN


Becky said...


What an amazing sovereign love is the One He has for us!

May His grace abound more and more in us.

Love you....see you soon.

Faby said...

thank you for writing this post. I can nearly heard you talking with so much courage!

Have a nice Day!

Norma said...

just think about it... if you could,would you leave Him? I know I couldn't... because there is something inside of me stronger than me that keeps me in love with my Saviour.. my "wants" are bound to Jesus. And when I sin, I hate it!.. I just can't! I love that He did not asked me, but just saved me!!!