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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Sunday, the elder of my church read and explained this at church. I have read Leviticus before... yet when he read it, is was as if I have never read it before... seriously! I do not remember ever reading this.

Any how...  it reads as follows:
"... the priest is to examine him, and if the desease has covered his whole body, he shall pronounce him CLEAN. Since it has all turned  white, he is clean. But whenever raw flesh appears on him, he will be unclean. When the priest sees the raw flesh, he shall pronounce him unclean..."

Well, the sick person, in order to be pronounced clean, the desease had to be ALL OVER THE BODY!, showing no raw skin. He made the similarity to our sin... we have nothing to boast about... we are ALL covered.. no raw skin is exposed!.. if we see anything of "cleanness"in us... we are unclean.. we need to see ourselves covered completely. Sin from head to toe... to be clean completely! We have nothing to cling to and say: but this part was not infected... this part was ok... NO!.

How much I need this, and to be remended that NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in me, was clean.. that in order to be called "clean", I need Jesus and His blood!

Oh, His precious blood!

God, have mercy on me, a sinner!

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