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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A day at the farm

Today, we had a great opportunity to help a lady from our church who lives in a farm because she broke her ankle last week. We went early this morning and the kids got to feed the cows, sheep, lambs, tied up a ram, they got the eggs out of the chicken house, they fed the rabbits... it was a very busy morning, but it was great!!...... when we came home, we needed a long shower though!.

It was a nice experience for me too... if you know me, you know I do not like animals... I do not like the smell of them, touching them or looking after them... farm life is just not for me.... so when I heard there was a need for this, honestly, I did not want to jump at the "opportunity"..... but after a while, I did. There I had, right in front of me a chance to serve the Lord in places where it was definitely not in my comfort zone, where I would most rather bake something for her or shovel her driveway than do this... getting my boots with cow manure, getting inside the animal pens and grab them ....... but there we were!!.... Besides, now I have 2 boys looking at me and I'm trying to be a good example of what it is to work hard for someone in need.. so as a "good mom", I try to look my toughest, without complaining about the smell or the "dirt" under my boots.

It is great to see the boys having so much fun feeding the animals and getting dirty. Feeling useful in some tough jobs.

A good lesson for all. They loved it so much, that they are asking when are we going to help again... so for the next Tuesdays and Fridays God willing we'll be there until she gets better.. so as you can imagine, I really am praying for a fast recovery!!...

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