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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Me... last?

When I got married, I thought it would be very easy to be a good wife. I had a good role model, I wanted to have a family, kids, a husband a house with a nice backyard to entertain, it seemed to me like anyone could do this, if they were just "good wives"..... until I got married!. All of a sudden, my dreams and desires, became third and forth on the list... not that they were bad in the first place, but my desires were wrong in priorities. My first priority was a selfish one........ ME!, to have all this, because it was nice, because I would look really good having the perfect happy family. My priority was not my husband, but me... be happy. After all.. I deserved it!.

How wrong I was. Putting myself first was completely opposite to what God considers a good marriage. I had to die to myself. Die, even to this desires, that may seem not bad to the rest of the world. Dying to self it is probably the hardest thing to do. Not that I have died to myself completely yet, but I am working at it. I thought that we needed to have the same interests, same hobbies or for that matter lots or some thing in common. Funny enough, my husband and I are the Sun and the Moon, the East and the West, we have not much in common that the world would consider important to have a good relationship. But that's when I had to stop looking at the standards of this world to measure my marriage, and take the standards of my God.

These were to my surprise very different. Our opinion on what it means to have fun, our interests, our activities.. none of that makes a good marriage... What is it then, that is and should be enough to keep us together?... that we are both saved. Isn't that enough?.. isn't that more than the pleasures of this world can offer? It is not in what we like or not or in what we need or not but in what Jesus did in the cross for us.

Very often, I forget what is important in life, and I in my pride think I deserve things, forgetting that He is sufficient to me. And that my happiness does not depend on the circumstances, but in
obeying Him by obeying my husband, making him my priority to love him and respect him since it is a good practice when I need to obey and respect my Lord. In my obedience, He is glorified. And being able to see my husband for what he really is........ a wise man who fears the Lord, gives us the best bond a marriage could have.

Now with this I give thanks to God for giving me the desires of my heart. That with time, they have changed....... to see my family walking in the truth.

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