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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hard lessons

How easy I find to trust in my own abilities or simply in my self and forget that is God who decides it all. That is US , walking in those ways that He prepared in advance for us to walk on and that our desires are subjected to His will. A lesson that it has been good to receive is this, on how God works in us to will and to act according to His good purpose. He puts desires in our hearts that we may act on them and then and even after we have that desire given by Him, he does not give what we desire... why?.. It is , at least in my life and experience, to work in me. To make me holy and search my heart. To understand that whether God does something or not, He is still God and He is enough.. my obedience is what he requires regardless of the end result, and to learn to trust in Him alone. And that it is He who governs my life. It is at this time that I find that I was trusting in the circumstances, my attributes, my emotions, obeying because of what I wanted, not because of my desire to simply obey my Saviour. But as God works, He is showing me how His sovereignty is in my life. And how He does as He pleases and no one can go against His will.

He is sovereign, He is my King and because obedience is better than sacrifice, I needed this good lesson of obedience, patience and contentment. And for as long as it will last this lesson, I with God's help will be transformed in another area that for many years I have cherished to be mine, forgetting that it is He who lives in me and not me anymore, so nothing in my life, belongs to me, and He has the right to do as He pleases with what is His.

He is enough, His love is sufficient to me, and there is nothing I desire apart from God. And I know I can say this not because I live a life of perfect contentment or holiness which I am still far from it, but because it is a gift of God who enables me to praise Him and glorify Him with my obedience which also was His doing in my life. Thanks be to God for His great mercy.

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