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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

great book!!

I am reading this book.
These are some things he says, that I loved:
1. We should teach our kids to obey and do things, not moved by the mood of the moment, but by the principle.
2. There are no parents that do not train. All parents train in some way. The problem is that much of it is poor training.
3. Discipline is a rescue mission.
4. Teaching your children to live for the glory of God must be your overarching objective.
5. When parents require obedience because they feel under pressure, obedience of children is reduced to parental convenience.
6. Selfishness is not outgrown. Rebellion against authority is not outgrown. These are not outgrown because they are not reflective of immaturity but rather of the idolatry of your child's heart.
7. The question is not "will my son worship?" It is always "Whom will he worship?"

Any ways, I could quote the whole book.. It is very good!

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Sara said...

We've appreciated this book too!