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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall !!

Fall has finally arrived!, the leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder. I love the views of fall, but is a reminder that winter in coming!.... And raking..... a never end story. And also a time to create memories for this family, playing in the BIG pile of leaves filling up endless number of bags, turn on the fireplace and yes..... pumpkin pie!

My dear husband and I were talking to the kids about the beautiful place where we live now, and the horses around and corn fields every where...... but you sometimes get the smell of........ MANURE!! when they spread it on the fields..... well, I just hope that when the kids grow up and smell manure when they are out in the country or far from home that it will hopefully bring good memories to them of when they were kids, just like fresh baked apple pie to some, the smell of manure, will smell like.....mmm, home!.

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Sara said...

Is that your house? Beautiful!