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Monday, September 14, 2009

To my sons

May they have the faith of Abraham,
May they have the boldness of Paul,
May they have a heart like David, always seeking God.
May they have the wisdom of Salomon,
May they have the patience of Job,
May they be a leader like Joshua, always full of hope.
May they have the courage of Daniel,
May they have the love of John,
May they know Your voice like Samuel and always obey God .

Father God, bless my sons, May they grow to be men of God.

(from a song I learned when I was expecting my first son M.)


Heather said...

We miss those boys and their parents!! :)

Victor said...

Miss you too.. and your little ones.. you are a wonderful friend. Norma

Becky said...

Oh, What a prayer, I will make it my prayer as well. Thank you for sharing it!

Sara said...

Since I have already commented on my blog about the content of your post...on a different note...where could I get those cool 'stools' your boys are sitting on?

Norma said...

those are cool al right!!, they are not mine!, they are from the house in Mexico we stayed at when we weent to the beach,... sorry!, not here in Canada!...hahaah! Norma

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Eyes welling.
How we pray this for our sons...
Mamas praying this everywhere for their boys.

I sing with you, friend...

All's grace,

Lisa said...

Thank you!!
Such great encouragement for me & and my husband with two young (very busy!)boys.

Amy said...

Wonderful prayer...we just celebrated my oldest son's 11th birthday yesterday. Wish I had seen this before. Thank you for sharing, I will be printing this in my 'Momma Journal' for my boys!

btw, I found you via A Holy Experience, so glad to have stopped by.

Bless you,

Leah Kohlstrom said...

I would love to know how to find the rest of the lyrics / music to that song! What a wonderful one it would be to teach our children!
Just beautiful! Thanks for posting!
Leah :>)

Monica Sharman said...

I have three children - all sons - and think this is a great prayer for them. Thanks!

Susan said...

Thanks, this was great. I just printed it out.

I'm the mother of 5 sons!

So nice to meet you♥

Norma said...

Thanks for all your comments, the lyrics are by Integrity Music "Bless my little boy" by Nancy Gordon. It is a tape that I got when I was pregnant with my first son.. please come back!. Norma

Norma said...

The song is written by Kelly Willard. There is one for girls too.