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Monday, September 14, 2009

We once were slaves!

I love how the Lord teaches us things.. after reading for many years something in His word it does not make an impact as one day without anything different in it, you read it and changes your view on many things!
The Israelites, were reminded constantly that at one time in their lives, they were slaves, and how God rescued them. They had to think of that often and not forget it. Nor their children or grandchildren, even though they were born free.
Kids that are born in a Christian home (like me in a way since I was saved very young in my life, or my kids for instance) were born with the blessing of loving the Lord since a young age, not experience many sins of the youth and lived our life very differently than our parents did. But we are to be reminded often and remind our children that it was not like that always. That our parents were not saved once, that they were slaves and that God in His mercy rescued them. That they were slaves and that is our history, therefore, WE were slaves. That we need to remember every day, how relatives before us, lived once and were rescued, and the blessings of being born in a family that teaches God's word freely and fully. That it is a great privilege to be part of this and that anything else outside this blessing of protection over our families is nothing but a great honor!.
We are to remind or kids and be reminded of the past, not because of the condemnation that brings, but because of the blessing that represents. We need to speak often of that past that we were delivered from and how our lives could have been if it wasn't for God's grace.
What a blessing it is to be adopted in God's family, to have that undeserved grace and just like the Israelites we often forget our past and desire what slaves have instead of enjoying the freedom that we have. May we never forget what we have been rescued from.

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Becky said...

This is SO TRUE!! I never thought about teaching my children this perspective. Thanks to God for wise words like yours!