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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness.
 Is. 5:20

The good will be seen as bad and the bad will be seen as good. Never realized in how many ways this is true and happening more and more every day. We see it obvious in many ways. Yet in others, is more settled.

These days, kids are not taught too hard, education itself is water down. Books that our kids are asked to read are very simple and with so little value in them. Nothing profitable in them, nothing to push for a higher way of thinking... and if you ask the teachers, or parents, the answer is: "Well, at least they are reading!" So the standards have lowered, the high view of children and youth, is not so high anymore. "As long as they are happy" is the new motto, with a high self esteem, and praise them for everything even things that are not worth praising. So the low level of education is good as long as they are happy people. On the other hand, we see that the "bad" is exalted and given an incredible amount of value.

The importance of teaching  and let them being exposed to drugs, teen sex, bullies, same sex relations, parties, ... is OK, after all, we cannot shelter them too much, right?   They need to know, they need to be exposed and make their own opinions and choices.

Yet, sadly, these kids of today, have no opinion of their own, other than the one expressed by their peers, media and the system, selling them ideas that if they disagree in any way, they are consider ignorants, or intolerant. So really, they have no apparent option other than to agree.

How can one have an opinion on issues on abortion for example if you ask them basic questions about the human body and they have no idea. How can they have the smallest sense of opinion, when everything they hear is made to put down the opposite side. Isn't it way easier for a young boy or girl to go with the crowd than to educate himself ? And if he decides to educate himself, then he is expected to be called "ignorant".

Having an opinion is way more than just follow what the majority thinks. Having an opinion, involves reading, reading good literature... educating the mind.

The Greeks and Romans, saw children as "future adults", and wanted to train them in that way and filled their minds with literature and knowledge. In the middle ages, the view of children was not as high specially if you were poor... you were to work  in the trade of your parents, so reading ... was not in the agenda. Later, with the Puritans, the importance of the soul was so heavy for them, that wanted even children to learn to read so that they could read the Bible for themselves, understand it and repent. Now a days, as long as they are reading - we are happy. The education of the mind or soul has little value... entertainment is number one on parents and teachers' lists.

No more reading for "learning and pleasure"... now, is just pleasure and if it has anything to learn from it, is a bonus.

Lets help our children think for themselves. Train them well, educate them. Just because they are reading, is not enough! What are they reading should be of great importance in our minds. Do not adopt the standard of the world but take the standard of Jesus. Growing in knowledge and understanding before men and God.

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