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Monday, March 31, 2008


Living in a hose full of boys.... you don't know what it is like until .. you live in a house full of boys!. I remember my days as a little girl playing for hours in my bedroom with my dolls or playing in the living room that I'm all grown up.. therefore, I sat properly on the couch with my legs crossed and my best manners at display with a cup of juice on my hand pretending it was hot tea. That was playing! Or traveling around the world, with my sister, with all we could carry on our backs pretending we had no mother or father and had to survive in a life of poverty!.

Here at my house, I hear roaring all day long.... since they were able to speak!, I hear the noise of "gun powder" coming from their little mouths pretending they are at war, I have not seen all the Star Wars movies, and yet I know who "Kid Fisto" is. Stories of princesses are almost unknown in my house, but stories of Knights and castles are welcomed. They wished they were Saber Tooth tigers instead of humans, they wish their pet could be a grey wolf, instead of a Gecko, and live in the Middle Ages, where they could eat their food with their hands and throw the bones on the ground.

I love having my boys!!, they fill my house with excitement and make it almost impossible to focus on the difficult parts of the grownup life, they make my house, a castle and I get to play Princess!. They fight great dragons and armies of "bad guys" to come to my rescue. They turn the basement into a fort, the couch into a spaceship and my face to shine every time I see them.

Having two boys, is something I never thought could be so much fun...... but maybe it is because they are my boys!

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