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Friday, March 28, 2008

As I get older

Whatever happened with the example of older woman to younger woman?.. it seems that it has gone the other way around! .Older ladies, want to be young again, talk, dress and look younger at any cost, and they are going through drastic measures, like plastic surgery.

Whatever happened with the idea of getting old and teach younger woman to grow up not in external beauty but in wisdom. We, woman in general are attacked from every direction every day, trying to sell us the idea that getting old is not good, pretty, attractive and that it is actually a bad thing. There is a pressure on the idea of getting older looking beautiful.

As I'm getting older (and I'm just 34), I see a need for the generations behind us to see good examples of godly women who are more concerned for the state of their soul than the wrinkles under their eyes or the state of their breasts!. I need to have role models to follow, where I can see how to grow old with true joy.

I'm not condemning the hair dyes or anti aging creams... I just hope, that when the time comes for me to have gray hair and wrinkles under my eyes, that they will not be the thing that keeps my mind occupied, but that I can see them as God given reminders when I look in the mirror, that generations come behind me, where they will need a role model to follow just as I look at God fearing women now, with gray hair and wrinkles under their eyes, teaching us by example that as they quit the world, they can leave a godly testimony behind them.

And I hope and pray that I will live these years and the years to come in a way that younger girls can look up and have break from the pressure of looking young, and look forward to the age, where they get to be the older ladies, with gray crowning hair, wrinkles under their eyes and God fearing beauty.


deb said...

here from Ann Voskamp... your heart is sweet. Your life so admirable.
While so many of us are on different journeys , there can still be a One.
I wish you all the best in everything. And this post is beautiful.
It isn't easy accepting age.. it is bittersweet. But there must be a dignity .
You are wise.
( and I am older, just sayin' )

Becky said...

Thank you, sis. So many truths unhidden on this post.

Love you, always!