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Monday, March 31, 2008

why homeschool?

Why home school? Why go through the troubles of it? This is my answer.

I home school, not because it is a great fun, because of the projects that we do, because I enjoy being with my kids or anything like that.. although they are true of homeschooling. I home school because I love the Lord, and He gave my husband and I this kids, because He entrusted them to our care, not the system's care. He gave them to us, and if He gave them to us, and we live in a free country where by His grace has made available for us to teach them at home, then I would be stealing blessings from them if I didn't. This is the only way I can really teach them to love Him and obey Him who created them. Now, I know I cannot possibly make them love the Lord since this is a gift from God, but I can and should do my work in teaching them His way.

Homeschooling is not a ride in the park. It involves sacrifice and commitment, it involves, going to the Lord every day for His help. It is an overwhelming task at times, but it is faith that keeps me going... that faith that reminds me every day that your work in not in vain, but for Him and by Him. And with this, home schooling is also is full of rewards and joys.

It is an everyday work.... working in their character and mine, working in their relationship as siblings and ours, working in their testimony and my testimony. it is the teaching them above all to be godly men. That in whatever God has for them, that they will be God fearing, leaders of their homes and hard working men.

Why do I home school?... because I fear God more than men.

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