Thank you.

If you can pass my grammar errors and typos , then , you could enjoy my blog. I am not very good at writing, yet I write from my heart. You will know a little bit of me and the things that I treasure most in my life.
Thank you so much for visiting and for your grace and patience with me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Great first memories

Our first winter in Canada, was the "Ice Storm". And now, our first winter in a different Province, welcomed us again with an unusual weather... snow up to the sky!. We are thankful for it, it just makes the difficult decisions and hard good byes a little easier, with excitement and gratitude to have this fun memories as part of our journey. And now, I pray that He will use us and work in us as He pleases and for as long as He wants..... Even if our next change involves hail!

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