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Friday, March 28, 2008

The fight

I am reading a book on Holiness and it has challenged me in a great way and writing it down helps me remember. He is working in me and I'm not close to speak with such wisdom as others, but I pray this notes, will be a blessing and reminder to search our hearts for the profit of our souls.

We need to ask for grace to cut off the right hand or pluck out the right eye, but never, never be content if our soul does not grow. We can never have too much humility, too much faith in Christ, too much holiness, too much spirituality of mind too much charity, too much zeal in doing good to others. We need to look for these things and work at them. (J.C.Ryle)

I see many sins in me, I see how my heart is like paper close to the fire, it will catch on fire quickly if I get too close. The more I know my Saviour, the more I see the sin in me, and the more grateful I am for His pardon, more and more I understand His sacrifice because I see how impossible is to live without sin. His sacrifice means more to me every day.... when I wake up and I have to face my sins and mortify my flesh and desires, which seems at times, like an ever ending task, because as I feel that a battle was won, I realize 100 more are awaiting to be fought.

But as I fight this good fight I know in whom I have trusted... I trusted the Saviour of my soul, and his ways are perfect, and with every battle that is won, He shows me His mercy towards me because I can see the depth from where He rescued me.

So fighting this battle gives me a much grater understanding of what the word forgiven means.... and I have not seen yet all that I have being forgiven for!. All I know, and keeps me going, is that He forgave me ALL!... I'm just finding out how much is "all".

May God be with me in this battle where as Ryle said, there is no time to rest or slumber our way to heaven, but in fighting, since Christianity is a fight, and that is true Christianity, the one which produces holiness. So lets be holy just as He is holy.

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