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Monday, January 4, 2010


Who would have said.... we are in 2010, and we are not living like I dreamed when I was a child.. by this time I thought I was going to be flying on very fancy aerodynamic cars, using boots to fly instead of walking, everything was going to be glow in the dark and highways would be useless, since we would travel at super fast speed without crashing in mid air!. I thought I was going to be quite old by then!... But here we are... with no super cars, NOT THAT OLD!... and with everything computerized, but not at the level of my imagination. And today in 2010, living my life in a place I never thought I would, having 2 wonderful boys that fill my life with smiles, a husband that has made my 15 years of married life a joy, that through the struggles of life, we have come back stronger, and that has help me mature and grow with him. But best of all, that I know God. That He has not left me or my family in ignorance about Him, but has given us understanding and has opened our eyes to know Him.

Not flying in fancy cars, but growing in the Lord. Striving to be thankful every day for the struggles and the happy moments, for the trials and temptations, because I know I'll see the victory in many areas of my life.

This year that is starting, I hope for me and my family, that the Lord will grant us that we may grow in Him more every day. That next year, we will be different, that our character will be molded and changed, that His Sovereign will be don in our lives. And that we will be good and faithful servants.

We have our plans for this year, like have a fund raise, study Anatomy with friends, have our annual science/history fair on the Middle East, start swimming lessons for the boys, create good habits on prayer and Bible reading, improve our French (hmmmm.....or even better, just to be able to speak some!!) and so on..... these are our short term plans. We plan but God decides.


Becky said...

I love this post!!!

I also thought life was going to be like you painted it. (I laughed so hard with the picture you chose...thank you; you always bring something special out of me!)

Love you!

Gaby E. said...

We plan but God decides... AMEN. Te queremos Normis, besos y abrazos. Gaby

Anonymous said...

I always love that cartoon because I also thought all will be in that way after year 2000 ,you make my mind travel a lot of year ( not so much mmm...)
May God make what he has planned for our lifes in this year and give us His grace to go on this daily way.

Love you