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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

gum grafting

I just got this procedure don on my gums.. I thought it was going to be worst than it was. So if you are having it done, do not worry, it sounds far worst than it is.. Here is a bit of my story:

I went to the doctor on Friday the 8Th. I was nervous, so I arrived one hour earlier to get a sedative. It made me all drowsy. It started and I was fully awake but now I can hardly remember the time i spent there. It lasted 1 1/2 hours (3 teeth). When I finished, my husband took me home, and I stayed in bed the rest of the day. I took many Advil and an antibiotic to prevent infection. I was swollen but not too bad. I did not want to walk too much because it felt weird, as if all my mouth shacked and the blood pumped. I was afraid it was going to bleed, but it was fine!. All I ate that day, was yogurt and ice cream!.

The next day, I continued on the soft diet and was better, but still somehow resting. I was not in pain, it was just uncomfortable.

The third day, better, I can talk much more and the soft diet continues, but I added soups to the menu!. I did not go to church, since I was a swollen (like people from the movie "The Grinch") and did not want people to see me and did not want to talk too much either.

Monday, I woke up even better, Advil is helping a lot!, the swelling has come down a lot.. I notice by bigger chicks, but I do not think people would notice them too much.

Tuesday, I even had a friend over!. I had a few bruises under my eyes not too dark.

Today.... ! much better, but in the morning I bled a little (one of my gums bled and I put a gauze to stop the bleeding.. something normal). Every day less swollen, and less purple. It is a bit tender, but I'm even having another friend over today!.. A sign of recovery =)

So if you need to get this done... do not worry!, you'll be fine!. It is scary, the recovery takes a few weeks, is uncomfortable, but manageable (if you like soups).


Becky said...

Thank you for the encouragment ... that's why I am collecting soup's recipes this next Thursday on my sure to post one and make a comment leaving a link to your post!

I am so happy to hear you are feeling much better...


Sara said...

I was scheduled in November and had to postone it till the last week of February. I've heard various stories. With mine they will be taking the skin from my palate...Was that your case too? And it's for 2 teeth side by side! I am very nervous and have been told by the dentist all will be fine but I'm going on a Thursday to give me the weekend, take it easy.
Glad you aren't a swollen 'chick' anymore (see the funny typo)! :-)

Lulú Gómez said...

My little girl, and I didn´t be close to you. But I hope everything is better day by day. I love you

Faby said...

I´m glad to hear you´re feeling much better every day.
Please rest enough and don´t try to make many things as cleaning or cooking.
Sometimes God gave us this time of resting to be in calm and hear in our hearts what he wants to tell us. Hope you can use this time to do many things that normally you can´t for being so busy.
Love you.


Norma said...

Sara, yes, they took skin from my palate too. two teeth together and on the other side (the canines). Is not that bad. you'll see. just have a good batch of soups in the freezer!

Sara said...

I have had other friends tell me it's not so bad and I am "pretty" brave! So it's good to know. Great way to lose some weight! Soup diet for a week! :-)
Love you!