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If you can pass my grammar errors and typos , then , you could enjoy my blog. I am not very good at writing, yet I write from my heart. You will know a little bit of me and the things that I treasure most in my life.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

good friends!

One of our prayers when we moved was for God to give my kids (and myself) godly friends. Great friends, that they can help each other to walk in His way, friends that will encourage each other. And He answered. And to my excitement, not just the kids get along great, but I love my friend too, and the husbands like each other too!! what else can I ask for!. We teach in a similar way to our kids, have the same style of teaching and goals for our kids, we do projects together, pray together, we (her and I) encourage each other and I was blessed too. I guess God knows, how important it is for me to have a good friend too.
Having them in our life, is a great blessing!.


Becky@ Daily On My Way To Heaven said...

Thank you for posting!
I love you so much, and I am so happy for you even though I still miss you every second of my life.

Sara said...

Still waiting to find that person with her children here too! So happy for you! My weeks do feel lonely at times with not knowing any other Reformed Christian mom who homeschools her children and whose children are the same age as mine!